BMX Awards

Race to 5

Keeping riders coming back to your track is the key to success. What keeps riders coming back for more? Want to move up in track points within your state? There are a number of things that tracks can do to keep local races exciting in addition to the many exciting awards that BML Trophies offer.

You want new riders to keep coming back to the races, right? That’s why we made the Race to 5 awards. The Race to 5 is all about keeping those new riders invested to come to every race. This award allows the track operator to hold onto the award until the rider completes their first 5 races. After every race, the rider applies one of the stickers to the award. Once the rider completes their 5 races, the track hands the completed award to them. Post a picture with the rider on social media with their award to gain more potential riders that want to try BMX.

What’s included:

  • Includes 1st-5th “BMX RACE” Decals
  • Material: 1/8″ PVC

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